What We Buy – Large Diamond

When you want to sell a large diamond in NYC, it can be intimidating. You want to make sure you’re getting the best price possible. At JBE Diamonds, we are a diamond buyer that can provide the value you need when you’re selling GIA certified diamonds.

We Are a Trusted Name in the Diamond Industry

Many of the businesses in the diamond industry have a reputation for being greedy and not offering the fairest prices, especially when you’re selling your large diamond. However, our diamond buyer has a reputation of fairness and generosity that ensures the best price.

We Buy Every Kind of Large Diamond

Whether you have a loose diamond or you have a piece of jewelry you’re eager to sell, we will buy it all. Our goal is to ensure every seller gets a good price on their diamond, especially if they want to sell a valuable large diamond. Even the smallest diamond is valuable, but we truly understand the value of the biggest ones.

We Offer the Best Prices on the Market

Many diamond buyers will offer a low-ball price because they want to make the biggest profit. We recognize this practice isn’t fair to sellers so we strive to give you the best prices in NYC. When selling GIA certified diamonds, we are your go-to source.
We Provide Safety, Security, Speed and Convenience

You don’t have to be intimidated by selling your large diamond in NYC. We offer the safety and security you require, combined with the speed and convenience you deserve. You will walk in with your large diamond and walk out with cash in your hand.